Things4U - Internet of Things for You

Welcome to Things4U, the place where we work on LoRa sensor development and applications to put these to use. On this page you will find documentation of the software projects on github (, which ranges from Lora Sensor development to use cases etc for this technology.

Things4U contains part of work that was published to the LoRa community on Github. This page is ALWAYS under development, so not all projects we are working on will be documented yet. Currently we are converting older pages and make the site more project oriented and in line with Github project.

There are a number of projects for which there are User Guides, Hardware Guides and Developer Guides. Some information is applicable to more than one project such as the LoRa message format between gateway and sensor. In these cases I try to make a reference/link to the sections. All Software is found on

The projects are as follows:


Developer Guide

Please find the Developers Guide <HERE>. Explaining how to make some architecture and library decisions and give background information on the LoRa backend and building and configuration of certain projects.