1-channel Gateway Webserver

Web Interface Introduction

For this sixth version of the user interface for the single channel gateway we focus on the web interface. This document deals with the web interface only. There are several sections to discuss:

  1. Description of the user interface
  2. What are parameters can be set of the web interface
  3. Files involved in the configuration of the single channel interface.

Sections of the web interface

When starting the web interface the following sections are found:

  1. ESP Gateway Config
  2. Package Statistics
  3. Message History

In the next sections we focus on each of the screen headline separately. We start with the basic and default screen. in the last part of this page we deal with the output of the three buttons "Expert Mode", "Monitor ON" and "Node Last Seen".

The first two buttons "Documentation" and "Log Files" are self explanatory.


ESP Gateway Config

The first section looks like this:

The ESP Gateway Config part consists of the following components:

  1. Version Information
  2. Live Information
  3. Time Info
  4. Buttons (3x) to select window behavior:


Package Statistics

The package statistics section contains for each configured channel and for each configure Spreading Factor the number of messages received in the past time period. It also contains the number of downlink messages for each Spreading Factor the percentage of that SF in the total of messages received.


Message History

The Message History section contains an overview of the last message received by the gateway. Of every message the following data is stored:



Gateway Settings

This screen is very important as it lets us configure a lot of the settings. Almost all configurable setting are found in this section. It allows the gateway to be configured to the specific envirnment of the user, its frequency and the debug settings.

Although the debug setting should in principal not influence the timing of the gateway, in practive it does. This parameter allows to adjust the timing in a temporary fashion to the settings used. When ( a lot) Serial communication is selected, the timing will in general be negative (-5000 to -15000.uSec). In some occaions the timing for (non debug) communication will be positive (about 500 to10000 uSec)


The settings are the following:


Wifi Config (Expert)

The WiFi Config screen is only shown in the "Expert" section. It contains the most important data used to connect the gateway to the internet.

The following data is displayed:


System Status (Expert)

This screen is only visible in Expert mode. It does show some system specific settings related to the gateway.


System State and Interrupt

In this section some "hidden" parameters are shown. For the time correction the user can change their settings: However you are advised not to change it.

The meaning of the parameters is as follows: